(386e) Process Modeling of a Distributed Sugar Depot Approach to Biomass Conversion

Guo, M. - Presenter, Washington State University
Zhang, X. - Presenter, Bioproducts Science Engineering Laboratory, Washington State University
Wolcott, M. - Presenter, Washington State University
Wang, J. - Presenter, Washington State University

The development of commercially viable, integrated biorefineries remains a difficult challenge.  Converting biomass through distributed “sugar depots” offers a flexible alternative route, with advantages in local feedstock access and the use of mechanical biomass deconstruction only available at smaller facilities.

In this study, we will present a sugar depot process model detailing the milling and hydrolysis of Douglas fir residuals to produce liquid sugars and byproducts.  We evaluate and compare several process scenarios via technoeconomic analysis and identify opportunities for process cost reduction.