(338c) One Step Synthesis of Hierarchical Sn Containing Zeolite for Production of Fructose | AIChE

(338c) One Step Synthesis of Hierarchical Sn Containing Zeolite for Production of Fructose


Guo, Q. - Presenter, University of Minnesota
Tsapatsis, M. - Presenter, University of Minnesota
Mkhoyan, K. A. - Presenter, University of Minnesota
Kumar, P. - Presenter, University of Minnesota
Xu, D. - Presenter, University of Minnesota
Ren, L. - Presenter, University of Minnesota

Hierarchical zeolites consisting of a mesoporous network coupled with zeolite domains of short diffusion lengths can reduce or eliminate diffusion limitations while preserving the intrinsic reactivity of the zeolite active sites. Building on earlier work on siliceous SPP (Self-Pillared Pentasil) zeolite synthesis, [1] here we extend the self-pillaring repetitive branching approach to synthesize for the first time a Sn-containing single-unit-cell MFI zeolite (Sn-SPP). Sn-SPP consists of 100nm particles containing orthogonally intergrown MFI zeolite lamellae with a layer thickness of 2 nm. The house-of-cards arrangement creates ca. 5 nm mesopores among them. Sn-SPP was characterized by 119Sn-NMR, high-resolution TEM, Ar-adsorption and other techniques. It will be demonstrated that Sn is exclusively located in the MFI framework. Moreover, its catalytic performance on the isomerization of sugars will be presented and compared with that of other Sn-containing zeolites. [2,3]


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