(624g) Drag Force Relation By Direct Numerical Simulation for Gas-Solid Flows | AIChE

(624g) Drag Force Relation By Direct Numerical Simulation for Gas-Solid Flows


Zaidi, A. - Presenter, OSAKA UNIVERSITY
Tsuji, T., Osaka University
Tanaka, T., Osaka University

Direct Numerical simulations are used to propose the drag correlation for random mono-disperse spheres which are applicable to high stokes number particles which can be used for the estimation of gas-solid flows. The simulated solid volume fraction varies from 0.05 to 0.5 and Reynolds number varies from 0.01 to 1000.  To make sure that the current results are reliable, care is taken in the selection of parameters of simulation (e.g. grid resolution, domain size etc.). Average drag force acting on particles in both regular and random arrangements is compared with literature data and good agreement is observed. One particular exception was the simulation results of Beetstra et al. (2007) who used Lattice Boltzmann method which showed large deviation with the current simulations. We think that the grid used by Beetstra is not resolved enough for the range of parameters he studied. At the end we curve fitted our simulation results and proposed a new drag relation. We expect that this new relations can help to improve the numerical modeling of gas–solid flows in mesoscopic simulations.


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