(60b) Three Dimensional Self-Assembly Using Surface Forces | AIChE

(60b) Three Dimensional Self-Assembly Using Surface Forces

The magnitude of surface forces becomes increasingly large at small size scales often having deleterious effects as seen in the stiction of microelectromechanical devices. However, surface forces can be harnessed to overcome a critical challenge in human engineering by enabling parallel assembly of devices at small size scales and in three dimensions. In this talk, I will discuss the use of surface forces in directing the folding and aggregative assembly of curved and polyhedral structures. Of intellectual significance, polyhedra are the most fundamental solids that have been studied for over two thousand years since the days of Plato. Of technological importance, the surface tension driven assembly of lithographically-patterned nano to millimeter scale curved and polyhedral structures composed of metals, semiconductors and dielectrics opens up new opportunities in colloidal science, optics and electronics.