(588c) Experiences Applying Active Learning in the Material and Energy Balance Course After Attending the Chemical Engineering Summer School

Seay, J. R., University of Kentucky

This contribution will focus on experiences applying the Active Learning techniques presented in the workshop from Dr. Rich Felder and the Notes with Gaps technique presented by Dr. Lisa Bullard to the sophomore level Material and Energy Balances course at the University of Kentucky - Paducah Extended Campus after attending the 2012 ASEE Summer School held at the University of Maine in Orono, Maine.  The techniques presented at the Summer School workshops were especially useful, as this was the instructor's first opportunity of teach the Material and Energy Balances course.  Specific examples of how the techniques presented in the ASEE workshops were incorporated into the course will be provided.   The instructor’s experience incorporating short quizzes, group problem solving and individual problem solving into the course will be presented.  In addition, anecdotes of how the students liked the Notes with Gaps techniques will be provided.  The instructor will again be teaching the Mass and Energy Balance course in Fall 2013, so experiences to date from the second offering of the course will also be presented.