(48i) Modeling of Catalytic Cracking and Separation Units for Upgrading Heavy Oil and Residues

Riazi, M. R., Kuwait University

"Modeling of Catalytic Cracking and Separation Units for Upgrading Heavy Oil and Residues" (Invited)

M R Riazi, Ph.D., AIChE Fellow

Kuwait University
Department of Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering and Petroleum
P. O. Box 1084 , Surra, Kuwait 45711
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While world demand on lighter fuels such as naphthas and middle distillates of crude oils is on the rise, quality of world crude is decreasing and demand on heavy and unconventional oils is on the rise. Most refineries are moving to the direction of conversion of all residues to lighter oils through various separation and cracking processes. Safe and economical design and operation of these units mainly depend on accurate knowledge of feedstocks and products composition and properties.

In this presentation we demonstrate how a probability density function derived from a distribution model developed specifically for heavy oils can be used to predict the amount of conversions and product as well as products composition and properties. Proposed models are evaluated with data obtained from distillation of a crude oil sample and cracking of a heavy gas oil sample using data measured under various operating conditions. The proposed models can be used to optimize operating conditions in various separation and cracking units. The models may also be useful for online analysis of products produced from such plants.