(396l) New Membranes Structures and Compositions for CO2 Separation and Capture

Chen, Y., The Ohio State University
Ramasubramanian, K., The Ohio State University
Zhao, L., The Ohio State University
Ho, W. S. W., The Ohio State University
Severance, M. A., The Ohio State University
Dutta, P. K., The Ohio State University

This presentation covers new structures and compositions for carbon dioxide-selective membranes, including (1) polymer and polymer blend membranes, (2) mixed matrix membranes, and (3) inorganic/polymer composite membranes.

We have synthesized membranes with polyamide-polyethylene oxide (PA-PEO) copolymer blended with polyethylene glycol dimethyl ether (PEG-DME) or polyethylene glycol (PEG).  We have also synthesized a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) membrane reproducibly with good separation performance, which can be used as a cover layer for inorganic/polymer composite membranes.

We have dispersed zeolite-Y nanoparticles in PA-PEO/PEG-DME and PDMS solutions to synthesize the mixed matrix membranes, which can be used as the cover layers for inorganic/polymer composite membranes.  The membranes showed a higher CO2/N2 selectivity than PDMS alone.

We have designed and synthesized inorganic/polymer composite membranes, which consisted of a thin selective inorganic layer embedded in a polymer structure.  Zeolite-Y/polymer composite membranes were synthesized successfully by coating a polymeric cover layer containing amines on the zeolite-Y nanoparticles deposited on a nanoporous polymer support.  The resulting membrane showed a CO2 permeance greater than 1100 GPU and a CO2/N2 selectivity above 400 at 102oC.  Si-1/polymer composite membranes were also synthesized successfully by coating a PA-PEO/PEG-DME blend or PA-PEO/PEG blend as the cover layer on both Si-1 particles/polymer support and Si-1/PDMS/polymer support multilayer structures.  The syntheses and transport properties of the membranes will be presented and discussed.