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(377e) Synthesis of Nanostructured Carbon Particle Materials Via Spray Method


Ogi, T. - Presenter, Hiroshima University
Okuyama, K. - Presenter, Hiroshima University
Ratna, B., Hiroshima University

Carbon-supported platinum (Pt/C) catalysts with controlled morphologies, namely, “dense-erythrocyte-like (DEL)” and “hollow-porous-microsphere (HPM)” have been synthesized by spray-drying followed by impregnation of Pt nanoparticles. Addition of polystyrene latex (PSL) template particles play a crucial role to determine the carbon morphology, which was confirmed by SEM and TEM images. The preparation of modified catalyst support was completed in only several seconds for DEL and less than 1 h for HPM, which is contrary to currently available methods that require time up to several days to complete the modified catalyst support synthesize. Pt nanoparticles are agglomeration-free, and well-dispersed on the surface of the carbon particles (4 nm). The electrocatalytic activity of the modified Pt/C catalyst particles was comparable to that of a commercially available Pt/C catalyst (TKK). The specific activity of the Pt/CHPM catalyst was 2 times higher than that of Pt/CDEL catalyst, and was up to 2.5 times than that of the commercial one. The mass activity of Pt/CHPM was 239.57 mA/mg Pt and also shows a great enhancement, about 1.55 times higher than the commercial.


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