(307b) Flow Lithography to Create Encoded Microparticles | AIChE

(307b) Flow Lithography to Create Encoded Microparticles


Doyle, P. - Presenter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Microparticles find use in a broad range of settings ranging from biosensing to consumer products to fundamental colloid studies. Advanced applications drive the demand for more complex particles with enhanced functionality. This talk will discuss our efforts in developing encoded microparticles using Stop Flow Lithography (SFL). Our SFL synthesis process couples the precise control of flow afforded by microfluidics and the sculpting of light by UV lithographic patterning. The method is general to any free radical polymerization and leverages inhibition layers created by oxygen near the microfluidic channel walls. I will first describe the fundamental transport processes at play in SFL and give demonstrative examples of particles which can be synthesized, ranging from soft blood cell mimics to ceramic gears. Next, I will discuss two methods to encode information into the particles, their relative merits and accompanying methods to decode rapidly them.  Applications in the multiplexed detection of microRNA and object authentication will be discussed.