(28f) Chiral Templating of Self-Assembling Nanostructures With Circularly Polarized Light

Yeom, J., University of Michigan
Kotov, N. A., University of Michigan

Chiral Templating of Self-Assembling Nanostructures with
Circularly Polarized Light

Jihyeon Yeom, Nicholas A. Kotov

ABSTRACT: Chirality is a typical property for natural
compounds such as DNA, RNA and proteins existing predominantly as levorotatory
enantiomers. However, enantiomeric preference for
artificial inorganic nanomaterials was difficult to
control without the use of templates based on biological compounds. The
fabrication of complex nanostructures with spatial and sequential assembly of
desired components via the self-assembly approach requires directed control of
system properties. One potential route to this capability is the incorporation
of self-assembly induced and controlled by light. Here we show that racemic
cadmium telluride nanoparticles (CdTe NPs)
selectively self-assemble into chiral nanoribbons
under circularly polarized light illuminations. Depending on the helical
directions of laser, different light adsorption is induced in CdTe NPs which lead to greater reactivity of a certain
chirality. Chiral twisted nanowires can open the door to chiooptical
devices including display technologies, physiological properties and pharmacological
effects using polarized light.