(177a) New Concepts in the Application of Reaction Engineering Principles to Nanotechnology for Energy Conversion

Strano, M. - Presenter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This presentation will introduce new ways in which chemical reacting engineering concepts can be applied to emerging nanotechnologies for energy conversion.  Solar energy harvesting systems can be designed and analyzed using the exciton as a reactant quasi-particle where it’s spatial diffusion and reaction (inter-conversion) easily lends itself to reaction engineering analysis.  Example applications include the design of nano-heterojunction photovoltaic cells and exciton antenna structures as solar concentrators.  Biomimetic systems will also be presented.  In another concept, self -propagating thermal waves guided via a nano-conduit provide the basis for transient thermopower pulses, forming the basis for new types of thermally driven fuel cells and energy storage devices.  Based upon coupled thermal diffusion and chemical reaction alone, such waves offer new opportunities to concentrate and focus diffuse thermal energy for new technologies.