Alternative Crystallization Technologies and Case Studies of Crystallization Processes

Lovette, M. A., Eli Lilly and Company

As in-situ particle engineering becomes a focus of industrial crystallization, alternative technologies are being developed in order to predictably control particle properties. Increasing interest towards continuous crystallization is also contributing to the need for new crystallization technologies. Standard batch crystallizations are generally performed in a stirred tank and continuous crystallizations are being developed in stirred tanks or in tubular crystallizers. Alternative crystallization technologies can include non-conventional equipment/crystallizer configurations in order to perform batch/continuous crystallizations. Many current technologies under development focus on particle micronization and/or nano-crystallization which may include; micro-reactors, impinging jets, or crystallization from an emulsion. Submissions to this session can focus on (1) alternative crystallization equipment, processing technologies, or other unique approaches to carrying out a crystallization, or (2) novel approaches for carrying out crystallization or post-crystallization processing for desired product characteristics. The papers should use case studies and specific examples to illustrate the new methods.



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