(87e) Vertically Aligned Ag Nanostructure and Its Application In SERS

Su, L., University of Connecticut
Jia, W., University of Connecticut
Manuzzi, D., University of Connecticut
Lei, Y., University of Connecticut
Li, X., University of Massachusetts Lowell
Gu, Z., University of Massachusetts Lowell

Surface-enhanced Ramen scattering (SERS) has intrigued considerable interest due to its extremely high sensitivity which enables the detection of single molecule. Silver or gold-based substrates have been widely applied in this area. However, the synthesis of such “hot spots” usually involves complicated procedures, harsh experimental conditions, or toxic chemicals. In this work, surface-engineered silver nanostructure with uniform and controllable morphology is prepared by a facile and green route, which is also applicable in large-scale production. Scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction are used to characterize the sample. Furthermore, SERS of crystal violet on this surface-engineered silver substrate is also demonstrated.