(621d) A Quasi-Continuum Approach for the Computational Modeling of the Compaction of Bi-Layer Pharmaceutical Tablets – Prediction of Axial Tensile Strength

Koynov, A. A., Rutgers University
Akseli, I., Boehringer Ingelheim
Cuitino, A., Rutgers University

Lack of sufficient bonding and adhesion at interfaces are key sources of product performance and compliance failures in the pharmaceutical industry.  In this study, a hybrid quasi-continuum approach has been implemented for the prediction of the tensile strength of bi-layer tablets manufactured under different process conditions.  For the purposes of validation, bi-layer tablets made from typical pharmaceutical excipients have been subjected to axial tensile loads to the point of fracture and axial tensile strength values have been determined.  The relationship between fracture and compaction forces was obtained from the experiments and compared with the model. Good agreement between the experimental data and model results is observed, which demonstrates that quasi-continuum approach can capture the major features of the bi-layer powder compaction.