(181ab) Interfacial Properties of Block Copolymer Monolayers Used In 2D Microfluidic Channels

Squires, T. M., University of California, Santa Barbara

In multiphase systems, monolayer films of amphiphilic molecules act to stabilize fluid-fluid interfaces by modifying interfacial tension and imparting surface viscoelasticity.  For typical surfactants, the compressional or dilational rheological properties play a larger role than surface shear properties, however, the role of shear becomes significant for polymeric layers.  In this work, we study the equilibrium and interfacial shear properties of a block copolymer layer at various air-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces.  Interestingly, interfacial flows of these monolayers in 2D microchannels can result in long equilibration times as a result of the large surface viscosities.