Particle Synthesis and Stabilization | AIChE

Particle Synthesis and Stabilization


Datwani, S. S., Labcyte Inc.


Pesika, N., Tulane University

Particles with size scale ranging from nanometer to micrometer (quantum dots, nanoparticles, and colloidal particles) are of great scientific interest and technological importance in electronics, optics, ceramics, pharmaceutics, medical, and many other fields. Novel synthetic methods are being developed to incorporate new electrical, optical, magnetic, and biological functionalities into these particles. Stability of particles is also a significant issue in their practical applications. This session focuses on these two important topics. Papers are invited to submit to this session that describe novel methodologies for synthesizing particles of various sizes and types, passivating or stabilizing particles that have been made, controlling interparticle interaction to reduce agglomeration, and similar topics.



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