(633e) Comparison of Various Models for Dilute Turbulent Gas-Particle Flow with Inelastic Collisions and Turbulence Modulation

Rao, A. A., University of Florida
Curtis, J. S., University of Florida
Wassgren, C. R., Purdue University
Hancock, B. C., Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development

This work compares various closure models for the interaction/coupling terms, particle drag and solid stress for a dilute turbulent gas-particle flow with inelastic collisions and turbulence modulation in a Eulerian framework. The models are evaluated with benchmark experimental results of a fully developed turbulent gas-solid flow in a vertical pipe. Further, a new interpretation is provided for the interaction term which helps enhancing the understanding of these terms and also provides for a new robust model with the ability to predict turbulence enhancement and dampening phenomena.