(591b) Nonequilibrium Statistical Theory for Colloidal Dynamics | AIChE

(591b) Nonequilibrium Statistical Theory for Colloidal Dynamics


Zhao, Jr., S. - Presenter, University of California, Riverside
Wu, J. - Presenter, University of California at Riverside

This paper presents a theoretical development of non-equilibrium dynamical density functional theory (DDFT) for colloidal system. We consider the colloidal system as Brownian one, of which the dynamics properties is described by physically important time-dependent quantities including local density, local momentum and local kinetic energy etc.. To address the volatile structure of colloidal system, the dynamical two-body correlation is also included. We set up time-evolution equations for those quantities, and then close the resulting coupled differential equations via Maximum-entropy approach. Comparing to other theories, besides the inclusion of time-dependent correlation, our theory is developed in the pure framework of non-equilibrium dynamics, and no relation is mapped from equilibrium statistical theories of liquids. We give the numerical calculation criteria upon our development, and finally point out this development can be extended to higher level involving more dynamical quantities.