(540e) Nanostructured Forms as Patterns of the Colloidal Quasicrystals | AIChE

(540e) Nanostructured Forms as Patterns of the Colloidal Quasicrystals


Gradon, L. - Presenter, Warsaw University of Technology
Okuyama, K. - Presenter, Hiroshima University

Nanoparticles with their defined chemical structures are convenient bricks for the construction of functional mesostructures. One of these forms are porous particles. The spray-drying method was used to form regular, crystal-like structures made of silica particles of 5 nm in diameter distributed around PSL particles of 200 nm in diameter. The PSL particles were used as the templating material, which defines the skeleton geometry for organization of silica particles. Using a selected concentration of both types of particles, their zeta potentials for production of desired topological forms, porous particles were obtained. The experimental investigation was based on a theoretical approach, which considered tight packing of equal spheres into frustrated clusters with short-range icosahedral symmetry. The case of a small number of PSL particles in porous structures is based on the model of equilibrium equidistant diagrams (isogonal configurations) of equally charged particles on the sphere. Nanostructured forms with a pattern of colloidal quasicrystals confirm the theoretical expectations of the process of their formation.