(534c) Numerical Methods and Simulation in the Minnesota ChEn Curriculum

Derby, J. J., University of Minnesota
Kumar, S., University of Minnesota
Daoutidis, P., University of Minnesota
Dorfman, K. D., University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
McCormick, A. V., University of Minnesota

The current approach to computing in our curriculum is to address different skills at different class levels. In the Sophomore year, we have the students use Matlab as a tool to address problems of significant size and complexity, but postponing full understanding of the numerical method to a later course (and allowing students to experience the risk of numerical difficulty). In the Junior year, the students take a numerical methods class that shows how the algorithm makes a difference when approaching large or challenging problems; at this stage the difficulties encountered earlier are now appreciated and understood. In the Senior year, commercial simulation software is used in Design and Control, with some attention to and awareness of the advantages that come with understanding the numerics.