(512c) Potential Resources of Microalgae Oils for Biofuels Feedstock Production

Tang, H., Wayne State University
Chen, M., Wayne State University
Garcia, D., Wayne State University
Abunasser, N. J., Wayne State University
Ng, K. Y. S., Wayne State University
Salley, S. O., Wayne State University

Algae are among the most promising non-food-crop-based biomass feedstocks. However, there are a very limited number of large-scale commercial operations that grow and harvest algae. Continuous cultures of two types of microalgae, marine Dunaliella tertiolecta, and fresh water Chlorella Minutissima were investigated for possible use in producing lipid feedstock for making biofuels. The effects of dilution rate and light intensity on lipid productivity and fatty acid composition in a nutrient sufficient medium in a 3 L stirred tank bioreactor under continuous illumination under carbon dioxide supplemented conditions are studied. The results will provide the fundamental engineering knowledge to contribute to develop the large scale of algal production for biofuels production.