(423a) Simplified Graphical Approach for Complex PSA Cycle Scheduling

Ritter, J. A., University of South Carolina
Mehrotra, A., University of South Carolina
Ebner, A. D., University of South Carolina

A simple, graphical approach for complex pressure swing adsorption (PSA) cycle scheduling has been developed based on the unit block concept. This new methodology involves a priori specifying the cycle steps, their sequence, and the number of beds, and then following a systematic procedure that requires filling in a 2-D grid comprised only of the unit block. The outcome or solution is a unit block, which is extended to form the complete cycle schedule. This new approach has been tested successfully against several multi-bed, multi-step cycle schedules taken from the literature. It should thus be very useful for quickly scrutinizing different PSA cycle schedules for possible development into a PSA process.