(348d) Multiscale Model Development of Pattern Nano-Imprinting Processes | AIChE

(348d) Multiscale Model Development of Pattern Nano-Imprinting Processes


Roberts, S. A. - Presenter, Sandia National Laboratories
Schunk, P. R. - Presenter, Sandia National Laboratories

Nano-imprinting is an increasingly popular method of creating structured, nanometer scale patterns on a variety of surfaces. Applications are numerous, including non-volatile memory devices, printed flexible circuits, light-management films for displays and sundry energy-conversion devices. While there have been many extensive studies of fluid transport through the individual features of a pattern template, computational models of the entire machine-scale process, where features may number in the trillions per square inch, are currently computationally intractable. In this presentation we discuss a multiscale model aimed at addressing machine-scale issues in a nano-imprinting process. Individual pattern features are coarse-grained and represented as a structured porous medium, and the entire process is modeled using lubrication theory in a two-dimensional finite element method simulation. Lubrication pressures are coupled with a three-dimensional solid model to understand template deformation and machine response. Machine pressures, optimal initial liquid distributions, pattern fill fractions, and final coating distributions of a typical process are investigated. This model will be of interest to those wishing to understand and carefully design the mechanics of nano-imprinting processes.

* Sandia is a multiprogram laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, for the United States Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration under Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000.