(297g) A Quadrature-Based Moment Method for Simulation of Bubble Columns | AIChE

(297g) A Quadrature-Based Moment Method for Simulation of Bubble Columns


Yuan, C. - Presenter, Iowa State University
Fox, R. - Presenter, Iowa State University

A novel conditional quadrature-based moment method (Yuan and Fox, 2010) for the kinetic equation describing the gas-phase in bubble columns was coupled with an incompressible finite-volume fluid solver for the liquid phase and applied to the simulation of bubble columns. The forces acting on the bubbles due to gravity, drag, lift, buoyancy and virtual mass effect are considered. Closures for the terms in the moment transport equations due to the momentum exchange terms are derived. The procedure to couple the phases accounting for the volume fraction effects and the momentum exchange between the bubbles and the liquid is explained in detail. Results for the simulation of a bubble column under the homogeneous regime are compared to the predictions of the Euler-Euler two-fluid model (Monahan, 2007), Euler-Lagrangian model (Darmana, 2006) and experimental data (Harteveld, 2005).


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