(13c) Bead Arrays in PDMS Wells for Multiplexed Screening Assays

Leary, T. F., City College of New York
Maldarelli, C., The City College of New York
Couzis, A., City College of New York

Spectrally-encoded microbeads are deposited in wells on the surface of a PDMS microchannel to create a registry suitable for probing ligand-receptor binding interactions such as those of interest in pharmaceutical development (?lab on a chip?). We have demonstrated gravity-based deposition of fluorescently labeled glass beads in wells on a PDMS surface passivated with PEG. Sequential loading of bead sets, each labeled to identify a unique ligand grafted to its surface, create an addressable array over which fluorescently labeled receptors selectively bind to target ligands, identifying the receptor-ligand complex. To validate the technique, we investigated the well-known avidin-biotin reaction.