Solid Liquid Separations Processes in Refining and Bio-Refining Systems

Mohedas, S. R., Rentech, Inc.

The session covers research, processes, technology development and applications of novel and improved fluid particle separation schemes in refining, biorefining and all energy related systems. Innovative solids fluid separation techniques used in existing and novel refinery processes, biofuels processes, gas conversion processes (GTL, GTP, GTC, etc), solids conversion processes (direct CTL, indirect CTL, CTC, CTO, CTP, etc), biorefining/bioconversion processes, are of great interest. Novel processes, materials and equipment for Solids/liquid separation, gas/solids separation (e.g. hot gas cleaning, etc.) will also be considered. Presentations on joint/collaborative development and successful deployment of novel/improved fluid solids separation schemes in energy related systems are also strongly encouraged.



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