(601e) Spatially Controlled Surface Modification Using Reactive CVD Polymers

Lahann, J., University of Michigan
Chen, H., National Taiwan University
Nandivada, H., University of Michigan

Rapid progress in biology and biotechnology has sparked a keen interest in micro- and nanostructured surfaces. Based on chemical vapor deposition (CVD) polymerization of [2.2]paracyclophanes, we have developed a series of functionalized poly-p-xylyenes with a wide range of different chemical groups for covalent immobilization of biomolecules [1-2]. Depending on their chemical side groups, functionalized poly-p-xylylenes can be used for spatially controlled immobilization via microcontact printing [3,4], photolithographic techniques [5], or polymer templating using vapor-assisted microstructuring in replica structures (VAMPIR) [6]. In addition, we will discuss recent work towards a novel reactive polymer coating, poly(4-vinyl-p-xylylene-co-p-xylylene), that can react with methacrylates via cross-metathesis reaction while being selectively inhibited by the presence of Ti. The result is the first selectively deposited, reactive CVD coating [7]. We further describe the systematic investigation of the selective inhibition of CVD polymerization by series of metals. In the course of this work, we discovered the first metal-mitigated inhibition of a functionalized poly[4-vinyl-p-xylylene-co-p-xylylene]. Reactivity of the vinyl groups via cross-metathesis reaction is demonstrated. Taken together, these finding may contribute to the development of simple patterning processes that rely on selective inhibition of polymer films, rather than the use of physical aids [7].

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