(402j) Particle-Wall Hydronamic Coupling in Multi-Particle Ensembles | AIChE

(402j) Particle-Wall Hydronamic Coupling in Multi-Particle Ensembles


Lele, P. - Presenter, University of Delaware

Hydrodynamic coupling of colloidal particles to bounding surfaces significantly influences particle motion and the resulting properties of suspensions near surfaces. Such interactions are ubiquitous in many systems, including complex fluids, proteins and polymer suspensions. This work investigates the multi-body interactions of small ensembles of colloidal particles near a surface, at varying distances from the wall and interparticle separations. We use holographic blinking optical tweezers to trap and position n particles, where n>2, in a variety of configurations. The two-dimensional experimental diffusivity tensors of the ensembles are calculated from particle positions, determined by standard particle tracking algorithms. The particle-particle interactions in the bulk away from surfaces can be well approximated by using the Oseen tensor to derive diffusivities along normal modes. Close to the wall (2 [1] Blake, J. R. Prog. Colloid Polymer Sci., 70 (1971) 303.