(121e) Extraction Methods for Algae-Based Biodiesel

Graham, A., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Dufreche, S., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Bajpai, R., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Zappi, M., University of Louisiana at Lafayette

The yearly demand for fossil fuels is growing ever higher. In order to supplement the ever increasing demand we need to develop new fuel types. One such fuel derived from animal fats or oils is known as Biodiesel. This fuel consists of fatty acid methyl-esters that were produced from a reaction with the triglycerides in the animal fat and oil. This research looks at ways to obtain oil from algae cells in order to use them as a source for biofuel production. The use of different solvents will be compared to the hexane extractions that are now commonly performed within the industry. By comparing the efficiencies of these novel solvents we hope to achieve better extraction yields. Thus improving the industry standard and allowing for a cheaper cost of production. Data presented will include comparisons of extraction methods and overall yields of the process.