(114e) Molecular Modeling of Low Friction Zwitterionic SAM Surfaces | AIChE

(114e) Molecular Modeling of Low Friction Zwitterionic SAM Surfaces


Bhowmik, R. - Presenter, University of Washington
He, Y. - Presenter, University of Washington
Jiang, S. - Presenter, University of Washington

Recently, zwitterionic based Self Assembled Monolayer (SAM) has attracted great attention for their low frictional properties; an important requirement for artificial joints. However, the fundamental reason behind these excellent properties are not well understood. The in-depth understanding is very important for artificial design of materials for joints with frictional properties similar to natural joints. In this work, we have studied the lubrication properties of zwitterionic SAM surfaces with molecular dynamics simulations. The major focus of the work is to get fundamental understanding of the reasons behind superior lubrication properties. We have observed the frictional properties are dependent upon the hydration layer around polar head groups.