(722ai) Imprint Lithography and Characterization of Photosensitive Polymers for Advanced Microelectronics Packaging

Bidstrup Allen, S. A., Georgia Tech
Rajarathinam, V., Georgia Institute of Technology
Kohl, P., Georgia Institute of Technology

Imprint lithography can potentially produce complex, high aspect ratio and three-dimensional patterns at low cost through mold replication. The process requires a durable stamp with sufficient spatial resolution, and a polymeric material to make a conformal replica of stamp topography. In this project, imprint technology is applied to three microelectronics packaging applications: high aspect ratio chip to substrate interconnects, ultra-low loss coaxial interconnects on organic substrates, and high density lines and vias. Polycarbonates and polynorbornenes have been selected as the imprint materials. Relationships between imprint material properties and imprint fidelity are assessed with particular attention to thick film photo-imprint applications. Intermediate soluble layers are investigated to facilitate separation between high pattern density, high aspect ratio stamps and imprinted materials. The development of imprint lithography processes for these packaging applications have the potential to advanced integrated circuit performance capabilities with high throughput and yield while maintaining low cost.