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Computational and Numerical Approaches to Particle Flow


AIChE Annual Meeting




2007 Annual Meeting


Particle Technology Forum




Room 250 F


Salt Palace Convention Center


Tuesday, November 6, 2007 - 3:30pm to 6:00pm

Particles flows represent a considerable large family of relevant engineering problems where several scales and phases maybe involved. Examples of these include the mixing and processing of solids in the petroleum industry (i.e., fluidized beds) and the pharmaceutical applications (i.e., manufacturing of biomedicines, crystallization, etc), flows of suspensions, such in coating flows, where the presence of electrostatic forces in the pigments make the solution of the system very challenging and more recently, the use of micro and nano-devices for bioseparation and diagnostics; many of these systems display quite different scales and phase interaction. One important tool in understanding the physical behavior of the system and in the solution to the important fields, i.e. particle velocity, fluid velocity and temperature and other related variables, is the use of powerful computational methodologies and economical strategies suitable for the different applications. In this session , and as it has been the tradition during the last few years, we would like to receive contributions in the general topics of computational approaches that solve or address a relevant application closely related to the family of problems identified above. In particular efficient and innovative techniques that focus on hybrid scales to solve particle flow at the nanoscale are welcome. Other approaches that introduce innovation in more classical problems will be also considered



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