(344b) Cape-Open Laboratories Refinery Reactors Sig Progress Update

Dickinson, R. - Presenter, Shell Global Solutions International B.V.
Jerome, D. H. - Presenter, Invensys Process Systems
Zhao, E. - Presenter, Honeywell Inc.
Pons, M. - Presenter, CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network
De hemptinne, J. C. - Presenter, Institut Français du Petrole


Revise and develop the necessary CAPE-OPEN interface standards for the use of Refinery Reactor models in Process Modelling Environments

Key Responsibilities:

Develop required extensions to existing interface specifications necessary to implement refinery reactor models as CAPE OPEN units. This may lead to the creation of new interfaces.

Promote implementation of petroleum fractions in PMEs and PMCs.

Deliver results back to the existing SIGs whereon this SIG can be closed.

Deliverables for 2007:

Engage unit and thermo SIG on modifications required for petroleum fractions.

Further refine scenarios to cover functionality required for implementation.

Initiate approval process of the petroleum fractions interface specification.

Finalize two independent prototypes for demonstration at the 2008 AGM.