(28c) Analysis of Tracer Zlc Desorption for Single-File Systems

Iliyas, A., University of New Brunswick
Niaki, H. .. Z., Laval University
Eic, M., Department of Chemical Engineering, University of New Brunswick
Vasenkov, S., University of Florida

Tracer Zero Length Column (TZLC) method has been employed to study diffusion of toluene in one-dimensional ZSM-12 and SAPO-5 zeolites. A significant deviation in the shape of the measured tracer exchange curves from monoexponential behavior was observed for toluene diffusion in both adsorbents in the limit of large times. In contrast, water/ZSM-12 and acetylene/SAPO-5 systems exhibit tracer exchange curves that are close to monoexponential. Monoexponential curves are usually observed for systems obeying normal (Fickian) diffusion. Such diffusion is expected for the latter two systems because the diameters of both sorbates are less than the radii of their corresponding host channels. The differences in the shape of the tracer exchange curves for large and small sorbates can be explained by assuming the occurrence of anomalous, single-file diffusion for large sorbates in narrow, one-dimensional channels.


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