(182j) Single-Molecule Manipulation Of DNA In Extensional Flow For Target Sequence Detection

Dylla-Spears, R., University of California at Berkeley
Sohn, L. L., University of California at Berkeley
Muller, S. J., University of California at Berkeley

We have developed a method amenable to manipulation of single molecules of double-stranded genomic DNA for detection of specific sequences along the DNA backbone. Fluorescent polystyrene beads that are surface-functionalized with site-specific probes are incubated with fluorescently labeled double-stranded lambda-DNA. The solution is introduced into a microfluidic cross slot where the DNA molecules are trapped and elongated at the stagnation point of the planar extensional flow. The degree of elongation can be controlled using the flow strength in the device, as demonstrated by Perkins, Smith, and Chu (Science 1997). Beads bound along the stretched DNA may be directly observed and their locations along the backbone determined using fluorescence microscopy.