Synthesis and Applications of Engineered Structured Particulates

Tomassone, M. S., Rutgers University

As the size of particles becomes smaller and smaller, down to the nano-scale, the particle properties at the particle scale can change drastically and significantly affect the bulk or composite particle properties, resulting in unique added value to the particulate materials. Such value-added particles are called Engineered Particles. This session invites abstracts of work involving engineered particles that consist of functional structuring of the nano and sub-micron particles to achieve desired final properties in a composite particle such that they have improved characteristics such as dispersability, flowability, wettability, sinterability, size uniformity, proper morphology, reduced tendency for segregation, as well as having tailored electrical, electro-magnetic, optical, thermal or other properties. The engineered particles can be of various types, for example: (1) coated particles that have a layered structure, (2) synthesized nano and sub-micron particles with controlled size or morphology, and (3) composite particles with a specific ordered structure consisting of nano and larger particles. In most such cases, the emphasis is on a more effective utilization of the unique properties of nano-structured particulate systems that have potential applications in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, defense, electronics, food, cosmetics, ceramics and specialty chemicals. Papers that discuss formation as well as unique applications are strongly encouraged.



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