Multiscale Modeling of Nanoparticle Systems

Tomassone, M. S., Rutgers University
Chiew, Y., Rutgers University

Nanoparticle Systems are becoming increasingly important to practical applications in pharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics, advanced materials, and microelectronics. However, as the focus of interest gradually shifts from fundamental science to industrial applications, there is a growing need to understand how the presence of nanoparticles affects both the functionality of the finished products and the requirements of the manufacturing processes. Moreover, an important component of developing nanoparticle systems at the manufacturing scale is to address environmental health and safety issues that could become especially challenging for hard-to-detect nanoscopic materials. Clearly, addressing these issues in a rigorous manner requires methodologies that facilitate information transfer across physical scales. In this session we encourage papers that utilize multiscale methods in order to achieve a fundamental understanding of nanoparticle formation mechanisms and applications to the environment, biomedical problems and industrial manufacturing. Specifically we welcome papers that address: (i) fundamental mechanisms of nanoparticle formation (ii) nanoparticle systems functionality and optimization of the performance of products, (iii) design of optimized and controllable manufacturing processes and (iv) multiscale methods to predict the ultimate fate of nanoscale materials in the body and in the environment.



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