BioMEMS and Microfluidics: Biomedical Diagnostics

Biernacki, J. J., Tennessee Technological University
Gale, B., University of Utah

Medical diagnostic kits encompass a wide variety of portable analytical devices used to monitor and screen for medical conditions. They are rapidly being developed for use on a single-test basis and show promise as indispensable tools for clinical research, medical laboratories, and at home self-testing. The terms “microdevice”, “microchip”, “lab-on-a-chip” and “micro-electromechanical systems” all refer to small, versatile, inexpensive, rapid-response devices that may be engineered for biomedical applications. Research in the areas of sample introduction, preparation, electrokinetic transport of biofluids, development of quantitative detection sensors, and the incorporation of genomic and proteomic biomarkers are needed to further the advancement of biomedical microdevices. Novel microanalytical tools are welcome, specifically those impacting applications such as genetic predisposition testing, rapid diagnosis of the presence of a particular disease or disorder, or those monitoring the efficacy of drug therapies. The goals of this session are to bring together researchers from academia, research labs, and industry to exchange ideas with the potential to revolutionize medical diagnostics. In particular, this session seeks contributions in the field of biomedical microdevices on either the cellular or subcellular level. Subjects of interest include cellular analysis in microdevices; development and fabrication of innovative devices; novel biofluid separators; advances in microanalytical systems; electrokinetics; dielectrophoresis; advances in chemical, electrochemical, and optical in-line sensor technology; and novel low concentration detection in capillary electrophoresis systems. Original contributions to BioMEMS and biological microfluidics are also encouraged.



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