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(503f) Capability Lifecycle Management: Connecting Product Opportunities to Processing Capabilities


Schauf, B. K. - Presenter, PharmTech, Inc.

Capital intensive industries, with mature product portfolios face a daunting challenge in the age of global competitiveness. Does a company invest the Capital to re-invent production capabilities to meet the needs of new product development? Does a company rely on out-performing competitors to be the ?last one standing'? How can a company leverage it's existing investments in Automation, Information Technology, Quality Systems, etc. to meet the needs of mature and cost conscience customers?

These questions are not answered simply or quickly. A ?Capabilities Management' system has been developed to balance the demands of cost competitive customers of today, with the needs to transform the engineering infrastructure of a business to meet the needs of new product development. The processes involved are systematic and methodical and aligned with many of the systems required by either FDA, ISO, OSHA / PSM and many other regulatory bodies. As well, the ability to manage and monitor capabilities within a plant fits into many of the core cost containment solutions of our day (Six Sigma, Lean, etc.).

Recognizing the importance of managing a capability lifecycle versus an asset lifecycle opens up plant floor integration to new product development and to marketing/customer relationship management.

This presentation will provide an overview of the relationships of Capabilities Management, how they affect the Engineering Community within a corporation and how they can be integrated into today's business enterprise.


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