Validated Computing and Deterministic Global Optimization | AIChE

Validated Computing and Deterministic Global Optimization


Achenie, L. E., University of Connecticut

In many chemical engineering problems (such as process design, modeling,identification, optimization and control) there is a need to (a) solve systems of equations and inequalities, and/or (b) optimize some performance measure. The results obtained by conventional algorithms are often either local, nondeterministic, or cannot be numerically guaranteed (due to round-off errors and limits on machine precision). This session is devoted to the theory and application of techniques that provide global solutions which can be guaranteed. For example, the use of interval analysis can provide guaranteed enclosures of all solutions to nonlinear algebraic equation solving problems which arise in chemical engineering applications, ensuring that no solutions are missed. Furthermore, many important tools for deterministic global optimization are being developed and applied to a wide variety of problems in engineering and science. We particularly encourage successful industrially-relevant applications. We also encourage submissions which can evolve to become benchmark case studies for future research.



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