Multi-Scale Energy Systems Engineering for Optimal Natural Gas Utilization | AIChE

Multi-Scale Energy Systems Engineering for Optimal Natural Gas Utilization


Pistikopoulos, E. N. - Presenter, Texas A&M Energy Institute, Texas A&M University
Demirhan, C. D., Texas A&M University
Tso, W. W., Texas A&M University
Multi-scale energy systems engineering is a methodologic and generic framework to address complex energy and environmental problems via a holistic and system-based approach and arrive at realistic integrated solutions. This framework is used to tackle the problems existing in design, control, and operation of energy systems and their supply chains in an integrated manner. Optimal solutions are provided to the decision-makers for systems ranging from nanoscale, micro-scale, mesoscale to mega-scale levels over horizons that range from milliseconds to months or year.

Methodologies in energy systems engineering focusing on optimizing natural gas utilization include, superstructure optimization with high-fidelity and data-driven modeling, mixed-integer linear or nonlinear programming, global optimization, optimal design and control under uncertainty, and life-cycle assessment. Aforementioned concepts and methods are illustrated by presenting their applications in a set of various real-life examples, such as (i) modeling of newly emerging natural gas conversion technologies like microchannel or chemical looping reactors [1], (ii) optimal flowsheet design of ammonia-methanol coproduction from natural gas by using process synthesis technique with simultaneous heat, power, and water integration [2] (iii) supply chain optimization of natural gas to liquid transportation fuels (GTL) for nationwide, regional, and state-wide scales [3].


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