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Tower VIEW® Software - Digitalization of Towers


Vennavelli, A. - Presenter, Koch-Glitsch LP
Nieuwoudt, I., Koch-Glitsch
Becker, R., OnPoint, a Koch Engineered Solutions Company
To maximize asset utilization it is important to have real-time visibility on how close o tower is operated to performance limits. In the case of multi-pass trays this could include jet flooding, chock flooding and back-up flooding or weeping on all of the passes. As operating conditions change the mechanism and location of the limitation could change. The TOWER VIEW® software from OnPoint utilizes proprietary models from Koch-Glitsch to do real-time calculations of these performance parameters. A user-friendly interface allows the user to trend and compare these variables to assess asset performance and health. A number of industrial case studies will be presented to demonstrate the benefit of the TOWER VIEW® software.


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