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(2b) Solutions for Maximum Attainable CCR Platforming Yields


Baker, E. - Presenter, Honeywell UOP
Egolf, B. - Presenter, UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company
Trufanov, D., Honeywell UOP

Honeywell UOP has a rich history in providing customer solutions that debottleneck PlatformingTM unit-specific equipment limitations. These have delivered on improved profitability from refining and petrochemical complexes, while ensuring safe and sustainable operations. However, capital utilization is a dynamic problem, with feedstocks and processing objectives responding to fluctuations in market demands.

Therefore, Honeywell UOP has introduced RMY-7 as part of a new, maximum yield performance solution. Improving the most difficult catalytic reforming reaction - paraffin dehydrocyclization - is the key. The RMY-7 solution provides customers access to a much broader range in catalyst performance characteristics, such as yield and activity, alongside unit-specific bottleneck monitoring that guides final tailoring of catalyst properties and performance. Explore in this presentation a new pathway towards dynamically enhancing reformate and hydrogen yields, where profitability and competitiveness can be enhanced within today's motor fuels market.


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