(101c) Uncover Relief System Design Deficiencies to Enhance Process Safety | AIChE

(101c) Uncover Relief System Design Deficiencies to Enhance Process Safety


Saraykar, S. - Presenter, Ingenero Inc.
Relief devices are widely used means of overpressure protection within processing plants to protect against dangers of overpressure. Relief devices should be adequately sized for them to serve their purpose effectively. API Standards 520/521/2000 and ASME Section I/VIII list the design requirements for relief systems. Based on analysis done for over 55,000 relief devices worldwide for various types of operations consisting of refiners, petrochemical complexes, polymer processing and specialty chemicals, Ingenero uncovered numerous deficiencies within the exiting relief system design. Some of these deficiencies if left unattended can heavily compromise relief protection. This paper talks about the rules and regulations around relief system design, deficiencies uncovered during exhaustive revalidation of existing relief system and most effective ways to mitigate these deficiencies to enhance plant safety.



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