(179c) Key Methods and Strategies to Accelerate Speed to Market and Reduce Cost and Risk for Scaleup of Chemical Processes | AIChE

(179c) Key Methods and Strategies to Accelerate Speed to Market and Reduce Cost and Risk for Scaleup of Chemical Processes


Beyer, S., Optimation
Lower, B., Optimation
Transitioning lab-scale chemical processes to medium and full-scale commercial production can be costly, time-consuming, risk-intensive, and cause inefficient use of key resources.

Following a systematic method of defining requirements and specifications for commercial production, along with making proper decisions at key project milestones, will help you assure that minimal expenditures will be made for processes that are not good for scaleup and good opportunities will be brought on-line efficiently. Areas of greater unknowns and/or risks will be identified and targeted.

In this presentation, we will describe a method to follow when engineering and designing for scaleup of chemical processes, along with evaluating the economic viability of the scaleup at key project milestones. We will also share examples of actual projects that have been completed and others that are under way. In addition, we will describe a way to monitor initial and ongoing processes and products in a way to minimize startup time, product variability and costs.

We will discuss means and strategies for collaborative scale-up processes and execution with third-party partners with relevant process experience. The interchange, and potential advantages and cautions of such relationships, will also be explored. Examples of getting to operationally-successful finished systems in desired timeframes following proven scale-up development processes will be presented.

Re:Build Optimation is a full-service engineering, design and skilled trades firm that works with clients to complete projects involving phases from process development through design, installation and commissioning.


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