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(159b) Combination of Data Visualization Tool and Risk Analysis Tool for Manufacturing Intelligence

Lin, H. - Presenter, University of California
Chin, S. T., The Dow Chemical Company
Peters, J., The Dow Chemical Company
Colegrove, B., The Dow Chemical Company
The Focus EMI® from Northwest Analytics (NWA) is a data visualization tool, which can streamline monitoring of the lab and plant operation and allow the data to be available in the same platform for status overview and problem identification. An in-house simulation tool utilizing concepts is used to estimate the number of off specifications, Type-I (false alarm) and Type-II (missed detection) errors based on key lab and process parameters. Combination of these two tools has been enabled by streamlining the data flow system and establishing interfaces among different databases and platforms. This combined tool has expanded the data system architecture for advanced manufacturing analytics and operational guidance, which can better utilize historical data for estimating risk and determine appropriate actions for long-term improvements. It also improves data integrity and automation in data transfer and modeling. In addition, these combined offerings may be attached to the overall situation awareness data platform at plant level to facilitate trouble shooting when abnormal process variable has been detected. This will allow the operation personnel to investigate the abnormal process variable and efficiently track the analytical performance in measuring the variable to help identify potential root cause.