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(155e) Augmented Intelligence for Ethylene Process


Digital Transformation is driving major improvements in the process manufacturing industry, particularly seen in ethylene plants. The inherent complexities in the ethylene process makes application of data analytics a significantly challenging process but the insights that create the returns are many. With right domain expertise, in-depth process knowledge and appropriate ML techniques combined with first principal models, a customized data analytics solution can be applied in the ethylene process to meet individual plant needs and effectively drive improvement objective. ML/AI has made it possible to implement innovative solutions that efficiently provide Augmented Intelligence on real time basis for operations.

Augmented Intelligence provides the right information at right time to drive the right decisions without overwhelming operations with “data overload”. Driven by technology, Industry 4.0 is transforming the ethylene process and reshaping operation paradigms to create greater efficiency and synergies in operating strategy and solve challenging problems. An effective implementation of MLOps provides Augmented Intelligence to managers, engineers, and operators in the Oil & Gas Industry (Upstream, Midstream & Downstream), that would otherwise have taken years of operational experience.

This paper discusses the intelligent tools developed for Ethylene facility to gain insights for operational improvement through augmented intelligence. Including smart techniques and solutions to improve operational efficiency, addressing furnace run length and other reliability objectives, live insights to identify and close operational GAP’s. Real-time solution, developed with a state-of-art technology and advanced analytics application for ethylene process industry results in several benefits.

  • Benefits for Operators:

    • Provides more insightful information and prescriptive advice to make right decisions in a timely manner, avoid suboptimal operation and achieve significant profit improvement.
    • Provides a digitalized environment to address dynamic challenges and support safe and efficient operation
  • Benefits for Engineers:
    • Data analytics provide a higher level of insights and understanding of process and equipment conditions
    • Helps engineers reduce data handling and model maintenance efforts and focus on plant improvement and troubleshooting

The paper will demonstrate the effective utilization of AI/ML in ethylene industry, ways to overcome challenges and get the best out of analytical solutions to gain maximum benefits for ethylene operations most efficiently.