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(46a) How to Realize Your Digital Transformation

Today, few companies doubt the benefits of Industry 4.0. It is relatively easy to talk about the need for a digital transformation from a high level, but when it comes to planning and executing a specific digital transformation roadmap, it tends to be more challenging. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Industry 4.0 has now been around for a few years, which has allowed tried and tested approaches and methodologies to emerge that can be applied to pretty much any size company in any industry.

We will look at the value chain of chemical processing plants identifying application areas for Industry 4.0 technologies such as digital twins. The focus of this industry specific approach is on structured and open data models that break down stand-alone and isolated knowledge silos - in effect integrating the industry relevant value chains. Actionable items include, but is not limited to: the use of multiple digital twins as controlled copies handling business critical information for data-based business management; the continuous assessment of the correct technologies and technology levels to be implemented for each business relevant area; business and site level consulting on industry 4.0 until maturity is reached and digitalization is business as usual in the chemical processing industries

In addition, we will gain insights into how to shape your own future by combining novel and mature technologies in new and exciting ways, which includes project prioritization. It is a critical exercise for companies in formulating a digital transformation because it enables them to identify areas that will generate the greatest value and evaluate each of them based on specific criteria. These can then be prioritized, which will help decision-making and effective resource allocation. This may sound like a simple step, but it requires dialog, involvement from several stakeholders and a framework to put it all together. Industry 4.0 is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

By attending this presentation, you will gain the following insights:

  • Gain high-level insight into the concept of 4.0 technologies applied in chemical processing industries.
  • Gain site-level insight into digitalization use cases transforming our industry now!
  • Basic understanding of how to identify Industry 4.0 projects.

View of how to best prioritize them in terms of resources, ROI, digital maturity level and more.


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