(318d) Numerical Analysis of Conventional Drying of Paper and Board | AIChE

(318d) Numerical Analysis of Conventional Drying of Paper and Board


Ramaswamy, S. - Presenter, University of Minnesota
Li, X., University of Minnesota
Huang, H., University of Minnesota
Paper and board continue to be an important renewable bioproducts manufacturing sector in the US and the world. Conventional drying processes used in majority of the paper and board are based in conduction heat transfer from steam heated dryer cans and convective heat and mass transfer from air flowing over the surface of the paper as it is being dried. Fundamental understanding of the transport processes involved in conventional drying processes in porous materials like paper is an important endeavor that has attracted much attention. Here we present an approach to model the conduction and convection and associated liquid, gas and energy flows during the drying process. Preliminary results from the model showing the capabilities in predicting some of the key elements of the process are presented. As part of the ongoing effort, we plan to continue to advance the modeling effort and gain detailed understanding of the transport processes. This will help in better understanding of the conventional processes and the development of novel drying processes.