(298c) Quantifying the Invertibility of Neural Networks and Their Transformations | AIChE

(298c) Quantifying the Invertibility of Neural Networks and Their Transformations


Cui, T. - Presenter, Johns Hopkins University
Bertalan, T., Johns Hopkins University
Kevrekidis, I. G., Princeton University
Fazlyab, M., Johns Hopkins University
The flow of sufficiently smooth differential equations is invertible when it exists; yet it is easy to see that traditional numerical integrators used to approximate them can be noninvertible. Neural network approximations of the time-t map of nonlinear differential equations also suffer from this potential pathology [1, 2]. In this work, we briefly review the possibly catastrophic consequences of such noninvertibility on the long-term dynamics prediction, and describe mathematical tools for the quantitative characterization of noninvertibility.

We extend these tools towards analyzing the invertibility of transformations between neural networks [3], including those arising from pruning. For this purpose, we formulate and solve optimization problems, in the form of mixed-integer programming (MIP), which quantify the "safety" of the current operating point from temporal / functional noninvertibility in terms of several different norms [4, 5].

(This work was in part in collaboration with Profs. G. Pappas and M. Morari at the University of Pennsylvania.)

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